Andy Fair is an established producer and director of gay adult content with a career spanning over 25 years. He created the first ever gay 24/7 live webcam apartment and developed a portfolio of long running niche sites focused on 'regular guys next door.' His resume spans pioneering Pro-Am New York City websites to San Francisco's iconic Falcon Studios. His award winning and at times controversial projects have received national mainstream attention including ArtForum, HuffPost, Observer, and TMZ.

The Metal

The aluminum substrate is permanent, capturing a moment of exhilaration and play, showing out and being seen. Stepping outside a comfort zone, taking on a dare, exploring sexual curiosity and social expectations. Having fun without judgment.

A computer screen offers bright glossy images. Here, the metal is flat, less illuminated, very slightly textured, and honest. The sizes are a zoom in on the original image, tens or hundreds times larger than a laptop or phone. The image is in the room with you.

The emphasis is this very moment. A real person with their own story and desires. The thrill of exhibitionism. Not just a sexual act, but the excitement that comes from being seen. Unselfconscious and shameless.

What some judge dehumanizing can instead reflect the breadth of the human experience.

The Motivation

Curious about yourself and exploring your possibilities. Shaping your own way and relishing in who you are. Questioning other people’s rules and reveling in breaking them. Pushing boundaries and unleashing your individuality. Craving experience.

Thrill in revealing yourself, naked, uncensored and vulnerable to friends and any number of online strangers. Step outside yourself and indulge, even temporarily, a different version of who you are. Who you can be.

Body mods, piercings, tattoos, mean something special, personal. Self expression, autonomy. Define the ideal for yourself. Proud of your body, your friends, making your own path in the world. Find safe places to share what turns you on without judgment.

Dancing in your underwear is the opposite of bullied.

- Andy Fair
Summer 2024